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Servicing all of north county San Diego

since 2001


Reliable mobile auto detailing service specializing in the ongoing care and maintenance detail needs of fine automobiles.   


Over 15 years experience providing automotive detailing care and maintenance



The Wash

The wash includes all of the basics: hand wash, wheels cleaned all the way through,  high pressure washing tires and wheel wells taking off all the road gunk, thorough vacuuming and interior wipe down, streak free window cleaning, exterior no gloss satin plastic and rubber protectant and every wash comes with a 100% carnauba detail spay application.

estimated wash time 1 hour

The Maintenance Detail

The maintenance detail includes all the steps as the wash with interior spot cleanup of carpet,upholsery and console, door, and dash panels with the added protection oh high quality satin finish conditioner. The exterior gets full paint decontaminant clay bar treatment and the unsurpassed protection from Brazilian #1 grade hard carnauba wax with added crystalline polymers for even more protection.

estimated maintenance detail time 2-3 hours

The Complete Detail


The complete detail is fully customizable to suit your vehicle's needs. We offer all of the following:


The Exterior

  • Full paint cleaning removes all old wax buildup, road grime, sap, and anything else stuck on paint
  • Clay bar paint treatment
  • Scratch and swirl removal
  • Wax / Paint sealant on all paint including door, trunk and hood jams

The Interior

  • Vacuum and shampoo
  • Clean and condition all leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber including vents, around buttons, knobs, switches, gear shifter, and all other nooks and crannies

estimated time 4 plus hours pending vehicle condition




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We are a fully mobile auto detailing company that services all of north county San Diego


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